Virtues of Fasting in Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed, specifically during the night of Laylatul Qadr. The Divine communicated with His creation with His very own words…this is a truly MOMENTOUS event.

Fasting was prescribed to us in order to attain Taqwa—the fear of Allah, love of Allah, knowing that Allah is watching us all the time.

It is narrated in a hadith qudsi that Allah says:
كل حسنة بعشر أمثالها إلى سبع مائة ضعف إلا الصيام فهو لي وأنا أجزي ب
“Every good action is rewarded by ten times its kind, up to seven hundred times, except fasting, which is for Me, and I reward it.” (Narrated in the Sunan of Tirmidhi and the Muwatta of Imam Malik, from Abu Hurayra, with variants in Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasa`i and Ahmad)

Allah alone knows the reward of fasting and He gives the reward Himself.

The Qur’an and You: A Live Discussion with Imam Suhaib Webb on SunniPath, July 8th @ 12 noon

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The Qur’an and You:  A Live Discussion with Imam Suhaib Webb on SunniPath, July 8th @ 12 noon
Imam Suhaib Webb Live Event

Zakah Given to Islamic Schools?

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I recently attended the AlMaghrib Seminar, RIZQ MANAGEMENT: Fiqh of Worship IV Zakat, Siyam, and Hajj. Here is some research that I did for the seminar on the issue of whether or not Zakah can be given to Islamic schools.

Note: ***These are not fatwas!!! This is just my own research!!!***


The issue of whether or not Zakah can be given to Islamic schools stems from the widespread need for an Islamic education system in a kaafir society. There is a difference of opinion on the issue and prominent scholars have been known to defend both sides of the argument. In this assignment, both arguments will be explored along with the provided proofs.

The Qur’anic ayah 9:30 lists all those to whom Zakah can be paid. The eight categories are: the poor; the needy; those who are involved with its (Zakah) work; those whose hearts are to be reconciled with faith; the slaves; those indebted; in the way of Allah; and the wayfarer. The three categories of people to whom Zakah cannot be paid are: the descendants of Rasulullah sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam; parents and grandparents (from a male son/grandson); and institutions or organizations that do not give the rightful recipients possession of Zakah and use it for other purposes. Continue reading ‘Zakah Given to Islamic Schools?’

Quran Memorization Software

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I found a really neat software program that aids you in memorizing the 30th Juz of the Quran. I've started using it myself -it's really helpful and user friendly. You can download it at:

Learn Arabic

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Here are some really good links I found for those of us out there trying to learn Arabic.…evel1/index.htm…enah_Books_wma/

To test your knowledge try out these quizzes created by an AlMaghrib student:
Arabic quizzes

“Qabool Hai”… A Grand Affair

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I went to a family friend's wedding last night when I should have been studying for a physical chemistry exam… the whole thing was really extravagant- an appetizers's balcony with a chef serving all sorts of chat-patty goods, a dhol guy demanding everone's attention as he maked the entrance of the barat, a huge ballroom where the reception took place, the stage all draped in red and gold embroidered cloth held up by gold pillars, women wearing their biggest, most flashiest jewelry sets, dessert tables with an assortment of different cakes, cannolis, kheer, etc… not to mention, the ex-governor of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, was their chief guest.

I'm sure it went by all too quick for the bride and the groom and their families. So much time spent planning, spending, anticipating, and it's all over in a matter of hours. I have to admit, i was a bit dazzled by the whole event-ok, ok i was a lot dazzled. They planned a magnificent event for a truly magnificent moment in their lives…the joining of two families through the marriage of the couple.

It gets me wondering whether people invest just as much time and energy into building, maintaining, and integrating relationships across the ever-so-dreaded 'in-law line' as they do for planning just the event of the marriage. I'm sure for some people the line is as big, wide, and black as the NJ Garden State Parkway, and for others it's nearly non-existent. However obvious the line may be, it is one that it inevitably formed by the joining of a man and woman through marriage… how much the couple and the couple's families work to erase that line will significantly determine the extent of happiness of the newly formed household.

What kind of pizza slice are you?

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I've always heard people raving about pepperoni pizza when they can find a halal place that's serving it. I finally tried it for the first time a couple of days back… It sooo was not what it's hyped up to be. I guess I had lost my appetite because the first time we got our pizza, it had a hair in it!!! eeew! 😮 So while we were waiting for our second hair-free pie, we kept ourselves occupied by going around the table and describing what kind of pizza slice each person would be if they were a pizza. Silly, i know… but it got our creative cheeses flowing 😉  Anyway, until I find a great halal-errific pepperoni pizza place, I'm sticking to my good ol' veggie lovers pizza.
Pepperoni Pizza.jpg